Dear Brian, I know that my wife and I have both told you several times in the past how very pleased we are with our new home in New Albany, but I wanted to send you something in writing that you can use as a testimonial with other potential clients.

As you know, when we decided to build in New Albany we came to you first due to the excellent experience that we had when you designed and built the addition  to our last home, six and one half years ago.  We were certainly not disappointed. I could go on for several pages discussing such things as the exceptional workmanship and your highly professional yet friendly staff whom I have grown to consider friends, but there are two things which I believe sum it all up and represent the highest recommendation that I could give.

First, just as with our previous addition, but on a much greater scale, you accomplished the unheard of by finishing significantly under budget and well ahead of schedule.

Second, you made building a house a truly enjoyable experience-which shocks everybody I have ever spoken to who has ever built anything.

Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.


Dear Brian, This letter is to let you know how pleased we are with our new kitchen.  It's not only a beautiful kitchen, but a convenient and working one as well.

The extra time we spent designing it was well worth the effort. Friends and family are fascinated with how well it fits right into the area that once was occupied by our kitchen dining room. They all say it looks as if it has always been there.

We are also impressed with the quality people you employ like Tony and the (sub)contractors you hire...

Our kitchen is all we ever dreamed of and more. Thanks so much Brian.


Hi Paul, Tony, Adam, and Sir Brian... The Family just wants to extend a thank you for the wonderful work you all did to our house.  Each one of you played a role to make my dream kitchen a reality.  I'm glad you enjoyed the lunch I made for you. That was the only way I could show my gratitude to each of you.  Keep up the great work and I can assure you we're not done with you yet...

Proof Positive

"...you made building a house a truly enjoyable experience - which shocks everybody I have ever spoken to who has ever built anything."


We streamline the entire process of home building by integrating the architect and the home builder. This eliminates the conflict that occurs between the architect and builder in traditional architect/builder projects. Brian Wiland and Associates is your single source of responsibility.

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