Custom Houses and Remodeling should be designed to reflect the personality of the  Client --    not the Architect.

Because we build what we design, we're very sensitive to the cost of our home design ideas as opposed to traditional architects. We believe an architect should know as much about costs and construction as he does about design.

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Traditionally, home builders are not particularly sensitive to design and architects don't generally have the field knowledge to know what labor, materials and systems cost. The horror stories about the project costing twice as much as anticipated won't happen if  there has been enough homework and planning. We have to be right on the costs because there is no where else to place the blame.

Our design/build process is exactly the way you, as an individual, would do a construction project, if you had our skills, know-how and time. Instead of bidding a project to a general contractor or a home builder, we bid our projects to the individual subcontractors involved in the process. This way, we're getting the most competitive price out of each and every piece of work in the building or remodeling of a custom house. That's what our clients hire us to do. They pay a certain amount to ensure that there is a competitive price being found for the work on their home. And that doesn't necessarily mean the lowest price, it means the lowest bona fide bidder. Our reputation for developing cost-effective, creative solutions within our clients budget is our hallmark.

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