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Exterior Makeovers & Details

Approximately 75% of our projects are remodeling projects, mainly major alterations and home additions. Remodeling projects are difficult to design because we must work around existing interior conditions, structural conditions, and sometimes, planning how our client is going to live in the house during the course of construction.  The more criteria layered around the project, the more difficult the design problem.

For over 30 years we have been integrating our ideas and our clients concepts into older, sometimes 60 to 80 years old, custom homes.  Starting with another era's architecture and client, then updating those homes for new owners has helped us develop exceptional residential design skills. When we complete this type project, our goal is that you don't know we've been there. We want our work to blend seamlessly with the original home.

  1. On the river Dublin after
  2. Extensive Makeover Before
  3. Extensive Makeover After
  4. Outdoor Living Dublin
  5. Dublin Patio with Fireplace
  6. On the river Dublin before
  7. Room for Kids Bexley
  8. Favorite Outdoor Living U.A.
  9. Eastside Addition before
  10. Eastside Addition after

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