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Custom New Houses

As a 1978 graduate of Kent State University having an architectural degree with an emphasis on environmental design, Brian Wiland was 'green' before green meant more than dollars.  This architect's design philosophy has always been rooted in the basic understanding that the environment has a great deal of impact on the success or failure of a custom house.  The home building site's micro climate, orientation to the sun, topography and vegetation has always been our first analysis in the home design process.  Brian Wiland's architecture firm has been recommending geo-thermal HVAC systems, upgraded insulation, whole house ventilation, and proper orientation of windows since our first custom house.  Our goal has always been to design homes that work with the environment, not against it.  We continue to preach this philosophy to those who are interested in our environment.
  1. French Country in Bexley
  2. Grand Outdoor Living
  3. Empty Nester in Muirfield
  4. Attached Condo Bexley
  5. Blacklick New England Style
  6. Tartan Fields Craftsman

Southwest Style Ohio

  1. Dream Kitchen
  2. Southwest Dining
  3. Pool at Twilight
  4. Veranda
  5. Circular Driveway
  6. Courtyard Entry

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