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Design/Build Process

Brian Wiland has been developing a design/build process for over 30 years. As a young architect, he discovered that the traditional process of a client hiring an architect for their home design / construction drawings and then hiring the lowest bidding contractor to complete the project, rarely left a satisfied client.  The process he has developed as a homebuilder and architect provides his clients with a single source of responsibility for the entire home building project, from the design of the house plans through the completion of the construction.

Brian Wiland's Design/Build process is delivered in four phases:

Home Design Phase

To start, the clients goals for the project are established. Once these goals are established, Brian looks at all the criteria and develops conceptual house plan solutions for the clients review.  Based upon the clients comments, we continue to refine the ideas until we arrive at the best possible solution. Next, we budget every scope of work , from excavation to carpeting, and establish a total preliminary budget.

Design Development and Construction Drawing Phase

Now, solutions to the technical aspects of project are resolved and structural and aesthetic details are developed. Our goal is to have every foreseeable decision required to build the project documented in the construction drawings. By creating thorough construction documents, we can eliminate many surprise costs that can often creep into the 'traditional' delivery system.

Project Bidding

Competitive bidding to the individual trades will insure the project is delivered to the client at the lowest reasonable cost.   We bid the entire scope of the work to multiple qualified sub-contractors to get the most competitive cost for our clients home addition or new home.

Construction Management Services

Our construction management service eliminates the need for hiring a separate builder or remodeler. As a single source of responsibility, we procure all the required permits, enter into agreements with all the trades, schedule all the work, and administer the contracts, to insure the materials and the execution of the work are of the highest quality. In addition, we provide open book accounting for the project by delivering monthly summaries of the status of contracts and copies of all current invoices.

A new beginning...

'1994 Big 50 Hall of Fame' ...

Frustrated that he seldom had time to visit job sites anymore, Brian Wiland in 1991 walked away from a large design/build firm he’d helped found. “If I’ve got a fundamental fault, “ he says today,  “It’s that I think I can do a better job managing my own jobs than anyone else.”

Wiland started over with this goal: to keep his new company small enough so that he could sell his own jobs, design them (he’s an award winning architect), and visit each job site daily to check progress and deal with questions from clients, employees, and subcontractors.

...Reprinted from Remodeling Magazine, 1994

 Today, in the office his wife takes care of the bookkeeping while his draftsman, Anthony Hudson who’s been with him for over 18 years, turns his rough designs into buildable house plans. Carpenters in the field, employees for 3+ years,  are mature, experienced, self-sufficient pros.

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